ADL5350 10-4000MHz Linear-HF-Mischer

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10-4000MHz Linear-HF-Mischer

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ADL5350 10-4000MHz Linear-HF-Mischer

Spezifikation (lt. Herstellerangaben):
Frequenzbereich: 10-4000MHz
Versorgungsspannnung: 5V DC
Eingangsimpedanz: 50 Ohm
Mischdämpfung: 6,8dB
Rauschfaktor: 6,5dB
High input IP3: >25dBm
High input P1dB: 19dBm
Single-ended-Design: kein Balun notwendig

Dimensions: 50x70x12mm

The ADL5350 is a high linearity, up-and-down converting mixer capable of operating over a broad input frequency range. It is well suited for demanding cellular base-station mixer designs that require high sensitivity and effective blocker immunity. Based on a GaAs pHEMT, single-ended mixer architecture, the ADL5350 provides excellent input linearity and low noise figure without the need for a high power level local oscillator (LO) drive.

In 850 MHz/900 MHz receive applications, the ADL5350 provides a typical conversion loss of only 6.8 dB. The integrated LO amplifier allows a low LO drive level, typically only 4 dBm for most applications. The input IP3 is typically greater than 25 dBm, with an input compression point of 19 dBm. The high input linearity of the ADL5350 makes the device an excellent mixer for communications systems that require high blocker immunity, such as GSM 850/900 and 800 MHz CDMA2000. At 2 GHz, a slightly greater supply current is required to obtain similar performance.

The single-ended broadband RF/IF port allows the device to be customized for a desired band of operation using simple external filter networks. The LO to RF isolation is based on the LO rejection of the RF port filter network. Greater isolation may be achieved by using higher order filter networks, as described in the Applications Information section of this data sheet.The ADL5350 is fabricated on a GaAs pHEMT, high performance IC process. It operates over a -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

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